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Airsoft is a sport simular to paintball, in that teams of opposing members battle with air powered weapons. Airsoft is an honor driven sport, with no paint to mark where you've been hit, to uphold the integrity of the sport each player must call when they are hit. Each organiziation has their own rules in reguards to hits, medic rules, and weapon limits. There are no offical regulations reguarding the speed of the bb's, only the regulations of each field or team.

Airsoft can be considered a tactical and realistic version of paintball. Paintball is usually played on a field that is organized by guidelines and measurements to be the same no matter where it is played. Much like a video game from the 80's, the players are different but the field never changes. Paintball has bright colored jersies, hoppers full of paintballs, and soft sided barriers. Airsoft is viturally opposite of this. 

Airsoft weapons use magazines just like the real steel counterparts. Most magazines, with the exception of high capacity magazines, hold a limited number of BB's which will require several reloads during a game.


River City Airsoft is the prefered local team for Tac Sports. RCA is a drama free zone for local airsoft players. If you have a team and would like a special subforum for your team, contact a moderator on the site. RCA was started by players for players, and currently has no home field. You can view the forums at www.rivercityairsoft.org

Airsoft weapons are typicaly designed to be a realistic as possible, and have the same look and feel as the "Real Steel" weapon. Airsoft is not limited to one manufacturer or make of weapon, but has a wide varity of weapons. Sniper Rifles, Assualt Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Light and Heavy Machine guns, Pistols and Revolvers are represented by the makers of airsoft weaponry. While these guns are realistic, there are Federal Laws in place to ensure the weapons are visably "marked" as a "toy" or replica. This is why the Orange flash hiders are installed from the factory and required to remain in place until the weapon is sold to a consumer.

Here are some examples of the weapons available.

Condor Outdoor Products is our main supplier of Tactical Vests and pouches. I have found their products to be affordable for the begineer and I personally use their products on the field.

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